Drakensberg Ampitheater and Tugela falls hike

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  1. Maddi Brock
    May 13, 2017, 11:01 am

    Hello looking at doing a hike in drakensberg, early july… after prices and more information. looking at anything from 2-5 days. Thankyou Maddi

  2. Eve Saunders
    May 21, 2017, 11:12 pm

    Hi, my husband and I are looking at completing a 2-3 days hike as we drive through from Johannesburg to Durban. We would be available 29th May. Could you please provide pricing if this is possible. Thanks.

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Hike Overview

Drakensberg Ampitheater and Tugela falls hike

(2 DAYS)
Difficulty: hike-difficulty-1
The Drakensberg Ampitheater and Tugela falls hike is a great 2 day hike for people with little time but want to experience the beautiful Drakensberg. The Ampitheater is the second most photographed mountain in South Africa. When you get on top of the Ampitheater you will see why people take so many photographs of it. Here we meet at Witsieshoek mountain resort where you can also spend the night before and or after the hike. It is a 4 hour drive from either Johannesberg or Durban. Of course you can also drive up with us.

Here we get to camp near the 2nd highest waterfall in the world.

The Tugela falls plummet down the Ampitheater wall for almost a 100m. As a result you can imagine the views are stunning as we watch the sun rise behind the Devils tooth. We camp quite close to the Ampitheater wall and the Tugela falls. This means if we are nice and cozy in our tent we can still watch the sun rise without leaving our sleeping bags. What a way to wake up. The route is mostly circular starting at the Sentinal car park and walking up the zigzags for a stop above the 3 witches. Then it along a contour path to the world famous chain ladders. A bit of a head for heights comes in handy. After the ladders we are on top of the Ampitheater for a stroll to our camp. Along the way we can spot the big Mount aux sources peak in the distance. This peak is the source of the Tugela which flows into the Indian ocean. It is also the source of water that ends up in the Orange river finishing in the Atlantic ocean. The next day we wonder up to Beacon buttress while seeing more amazing views. Then down the Gully to join the contour path past the zigzags to our cars. Please click here to see when we are next doing this amazing hike.